Right now, there are thousands of people suffering in Haiti.
Right now, volunteer doctors are struggling to communicate with Haitian hospitals about patients in critical condition.
Right now, there are emergency relief workers trying to communicate with local officials.
DERA is helping...will you?

DERA, The Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Response Association, International is facilitating a disaster relief mission to flood ravaged Haiti.

Please join us in this outreach to help thousands of relief workers and native Haitians in an effort to bring communications support to this poor and beleaguered island. 

DERA has sent one envoy to the island, Doug Douglas, N8SAQ and his wife Rebecca N8SAS who are willing to return.

Will you be part of the team that helps make that possible?

Accomplishments of this first mission include:

1. Successful delivery of all equipment to planned locations with no problems through customs.

2. Establishment, repair and testing of two HF base stations in Port-au-Prince. HH2B and HH2JR.  See Photo: N8SAQ at HH2B station.htm

3. Development of a Repeater Network (ongoing) Repeater-Map.htm   Repeater-Network.htm

4. General Communications needs assessment for long term relief and recovery operations for Project Help Hospitals and Salvation Army Divisional Command.

3. Delivery of handheld units to doctors for use on campus at Project Help.

Please join with us as we plan to meet the ongoing needs assessed through this mission.

If you would like to get on the email update list for this project and /or volunteer to take a shift monitoring radio frequencies please sign up here:


Primary frequencies will be in the 20 meter band meeting on the SATERN net frequency 14.265 and moving to 14.285 if necessary to pass traffic.

Read last mission's net control report: Net-Control-Report.htm

 We still need your help!!!!.  Salvation Army personnel on the ground in the affected city and in 5 additional base camps to the north of Gonaives are completely cut off from Divisional Headquarters in Port -au- Prince.  Please view the following maps: northhaitimap.html  and Gonaives.html The need is huge.  Let me speak to your heart of hearts and say that right now we know that the US will recover from the Hurricanes and flooding that have devastated many of itís states in the last quarter- they have the resources to recover- but Haiti does not!!!!.   Please Act NOW!!!  We also need cash donations to fund this project.   Please click on the "Make a Donation" button above. Alternately, you can send a check to DERA c/o Haiti Relief Support 11445 Honey Jordan Point, Inglis, FL. 34449  Any help at all- even just your thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated.  But please, GET INVOLVED NOW!!!!!    Please- we are counting on you to help us make a difference here.

Now that this leg of the project is complete, the communications stations now operational on the island are manned by Bernard Russo in Petion-Ville and Jean-Robert Gaillard HH2JR in Port-au-Prince.  This will give the entire island a leg up in the event of any future catastrophes and establish a working relationship between DERA and the entire network of missions currently active on the island.  

Support for our team on the ground is being provided by the Radio Club 'de Haiti. 

HF Radio Equipment including peripherals is being provided by DERA.

Volunteer Coordination and logistical support is facilitated by Many Waters Resource Network, Inc.

SATERN, the Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network has been very gracious in opening up their net and welcoming us to utilize their net frequency for this operation.

David Larsen, long time DERA member and President of FAIRS, Foundation for Amateur International Radio Service, is providing valuable knowledge for establishing the station in accordance with ITU and in country regulations as is the ARRL.


Feel free to call me if you have any questions and especially if you have some additional ideas.


Catherine Lawhun

 President of Many Waters Resource Network, Inc. providing volunteer engineering professionals for disaster response nationwide. 888-570-1344